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If you have a plumbing job, big or small, you should call me. I help San Diego homeowners, renters, and business owners, and I am known for my excellent, reasonably-priced services. I invite you to compare my price for any job. At your request I will provide an extensive list of references for you to speak with.

A large portion of my business comes from referrals from existing customers and clients. Try me out on your next small job. You'll invite me back to handle your big projects.

I am a licensed contractor with liability insurance coverage. I won't try to sell you anything, and I don't mark up the price on the items I install. If you need a water heater, or a toilet, or a new bathroom or kitchen faucet, I will install any brand you want, from any store you want, and you can buy it. That said, I can often buy the items you want at a lower cost than you can, and when I do, you enjoy the savings.

Not only am I a licensed plumber, I am a licensed general contractor with years of construction and handyman experience. I am quite competent at excavation work, concrete work, framing and drywall, and I am accustomed to squeezing into tight places, like the crawl space under your house or in your attic, to repair or replace water, gas, or sewer lines. If I have to open up a wall, ceiing, or floor to fix something, when I am done, the wall, ceiling or floor will be repaired to your complete satisfaction.
  we build new bathrooms and we remodel and repair existing bathrooms... lavatory, toilet, tub, shower, we can do them all for you... reasonably.
we do new contruction and remodels  

The main problem I see in San Diego is broken and aging pipes. Many homes are built on land that moves from time-to-time. This movement accelerates the deterioriation of water, gas, and sewer lines. After 30 years, cast iron pipes literally crack and fall apart. I meet far too many people who have paid thousands of dollars to a major plumbing company to have their homes re-piped. I re-pipe homes everyday at a fraction of the price the well known companies charge. If you think you have a piping problem, or if your water bill is unusually high for an unknown reason, or if you think your house needs re-piping, give me a call. I will tell you what I think, and I will give you a very reasonable estimate for doing the work or fixing the problem.

I replace a lot of leaky and broken hot water tanks. San Diego water is loaded with calcium and other stuff that clogs up pipes. The diameter of the tubing inside of most water heaters is fairly small. After just a few years, most hot water tanks are clogged up with calcium and minerals and work very inefficiently, and they leak. A new water heater is not expensive. It will lower your water bill and your SDG&E bill, and you will enjoy the difference a new water heater makes in your home.

Is your toilet leaking, or does it operate improperly? Does it take too long to refill, or does it run all the time, or does it use too much water? You can purchase a new toilet for less than $100, and my time to replace it is usually around $100. But remember, I will install any toilet you want to use, and I will give you an estimate of the time I think it will take, before I start. Additional rebate savings may be avalable if you choose a toilet that conserves water.

If you are thinking of adding a bathroom or remodeling your kitchen, you should give me a call. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by my proposal.
  water, gas, sewer, sprinklers, drains... we do it all.
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